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-Thermometer Type: Mercury thermometer
-Quantity: 1
-Size: As shown in the picture
-Thermometer Type: Scale
-Material: mercury + glass
-Applicable people: babies, kids, adults, old people
-Use for:The product range is suitable for measuring body temperature
-Measuring range: 35 °C – 42.0 °C
-Measure time: About 5 minutes
-Product Included:
1 x Thermometer (only 1 pc)



1.Before measuring body temperature, where the impact of the actual body temperature (such as drinking water or cold drinks, etc.) should be avoided.
2.Mercury thermometer during storage or sterilization can not be more than 42 Celsius degrees.
3.Because of the temperature-sensitive foam thin glass hinge, avoid drastic shake collision.
4.f the glass thermometer broken mercury should be collected diaspora, to release the sealed-off device to prevent mercury poisoning and mercury pollution.
5.If mercury enters the human body, should be timely treatment mercury displacement under the guidance of doctors.
6.Thermometer should be stored packed hall stalk ambient temperature does not exceed 42 Celsius degrees, the relative humidity does not exceed than 80%, non-corrosive gases and good indoor air chanting.
Before each temperature measurement success factors affect the actual temperature should be avoided. Such as strenuous exercise, drink more water, cold drinks, alcohol and the like. You can use 75% alcohol before using it, and dumped mercury thermometer to 35.5 degrees Celsius. The thermometer in the armpit, remove reading about 5-10 minutes, the normal temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius.

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